Donato Dozzy


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Afterhouse Holland

About this item

Although renowned as a maker of dark, intense, doom-laden techno, Donato Dozzy has been known to dabble in house from time to time. That's the idea behind his new Afterhouse label. Of course, nobody would expect Dozzy to deliver fluffy deep house or slick U.K garage. Typically, the four cuts here - from the brilliantly broken, analogue-rich wonkiness of "B", to the hypnotic, Chicago-influenced late-night jack of "D" - all tend towards the dark and clandestine, with the producer's usual murky aural textures present throughout. There's a slightly more positive feel to the clattering drum machine hits and simple, otherworldly synth lines that mark out closer "E", while the thrusting, loopy "C" feels like a pitched-down take on his usual techno sound.


Matt says: Dozzy ditches the Jew's Harp and gets back to business - grinding, filthy tek for the heads and the freaks. Yes mate.

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