Fantastic Man Presents... P.M.T.C


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Superconscious Records

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As far as I can make out, "PMTC" is a fictional place located somewhere between Australia’s interior and the white beached coasts of the Mediterranean. "Reality Change" speeds over the ocean ceiling like a hydrofoil, suspended in a never-ending serenity as the slamming beats inject excitement and drama into the ride. You can almost feel the waves splashing back if your face as you fly full-throttle across the sea. "Cool Waters" keeps up the fast paced energy as tribal rhythms full of feathers and face paint come charging outta the speaker stacks accompanied by intricate vocal chops and a charging square B-line. A staple in the producer's sets, with the whole of Subconscious Records championing the unrelenting energy and hi-end vision of both tracks, we here at Piccadilly are also getting firmly behind this one. Winner.


Matt says: Contrasting flavours cateered for here as Fantastic Man keeps both the outdoor and indoor vibe alive with a coupla tasty treats.


A1. Reality Change
B1. Cool Waters

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