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Disparate Elements EP

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New York City based Further Reductions is the live project from husband and wife Shawn (aka Vapauteen, 400ppm, Let Er Est) and Katie O'Sullivan (aka Rose E Kross, ppG). Back in 2014 they released their gorgeous debut album on Cititrax records. The album was an adventurous trip, where they pushed forward a unique sound. Now they follow up that first salva with a fresh attack on Knekelhuis. "Central System" initiats engagement, a tight electro beat riding suspended, darting leads. "It's Later Than You Think" dresses tantalizing technoid stab pattersn with bendy, drunkard tape delay, imparting a strew out narcosis on the track that the trip heads will adore. "Disparate Elements" could well be a lost Jack People's track with its quirky sampled voice, vibrating against a refracted electro palette. Finally, "Aural Equivalent" demonstrates that Further Reductions charge at 4/4 as a dark, pitch black techno monster is unveiled at the very last moment. Strong stuff here from FR & KH. Most recommended.


1. Central System
2. It's Later Than You Think
3. Disparate Elements
4. Aural Equivalent 

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