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Powerdance make a much needed return after their album "Art Of Getting Down" made quite an impact here at Picc HQ. Luckily, they've not decided to switch their vibe just yet - keeping that loose and funky, disco-not-disco aesthetic fully intact for this new number. A charged percussion section and real low slung bass powers the track, as (occasionally) robotic / deadpan vox and playful interchange supply the message. Much like Golden Teacher it's all about the energy and the groove, slowly locking you into its mantra and forcing you to shake your shit. The record comes with an alternative version titled "Fantasy Beat", which actually keeps most of the vocal elements but deploys some smiley elements via a fizzy synth hook but still heads for that lost-in-the-smoke, glitter ball disco excursion that conjure up images of a seriously heady dancefloor in full swing. Powerdance are mega! We said so. You need this!


Matt says: Powerdance haven't put a foot wrong yet, keeping their baggy and funky, disco-not-disco rep totally intact as they muscle to the front of the stage alongside fellow luminaries Gramme, Pollyn, Golden Teacher and, (Dave's favourite), Phenominal Hand Clap Band.


A1. Fantasy Light
A2. Fantasy Beat

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