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Long Island Electrical Systems

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Debut LP from one of the cornerstone's of the L.I.E.S. label, Terekke - 'This record contains 5 years worth of electronic experimentations, the bulk of which were recorded while living in the EU, and mixed down at a studio in Amsterdam. The music was sequenced on a MPC and an inexpensive digital keyboard with reverb and delay.'.

Opening with the lucid coastal ambience of "Tack" and into the rigid stomp of "Bb2". "Need" sees a calm but bass heavy swamp of sound slowly churn, elusive currents and underwater ripples offering up some kinda of momentum deep within the drift. "Swim" is covered in an semi-organic patina, microcosmic life forms sprouting up from the exotic flora. "Mix 91" sees Terekke explore a dubbed out and echo-laden environment, sparse and reverberating and somehow equally in tune with the Idjut Boys tape-delayed dancefloor experiments. "Padi" sees the serene and content nature reach a natural zenith, effortlessly elevating itself into the heavens through skilled synthesis and a sympathetic ear. Finally, "Closer" allows ripples of Chain Reaction-esque flux collide with a heady, suspended pad preset; an endless flow of gorgeous, thick sound which sees the album drift off into infinite. A truly impressive body of work from Terekke. If you liked Huerco S' LP from last year or the celestial gloop of Burial & Zomby, then I'm sure there's plenty for you to get stuck into here. Most recommended. 


Matt says: I love it when someone who's previously been responsible for arse-tearing techno and industiral business, turns their hand at something more enchanted and ethereal for their full length excursions. No one wants and hour and a half of wall shakers, Terrekke perfectly addresses the dyanamic balance, across eight tracks, yet remained decidedly modern and focussed.


1. Tack
2. Bb2
3. Need
4. Swim
5. Mix 91
6. Padi
7. Jqm
8. Closer

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