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Melody As Truth

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Danish producer Palta caps off a stellar year for Melody As Truth with his label debut 'Universal'. In keeping with the label's catalogue, this five track LP seduces us with an array of ambient and esoteric sounds, though the approach is more expressionistic than its predecessors. Rather than the clean lines and clear tones of Jonny Nash or the crystalline futurist journeys of Suzanne Kraft, Palta creates aquatic soundscapes, rippling with organic rhythms and blurred frequencies. 'Universal' drifts peacefully through the depths before 'Tabt Optagelse' surfaces into the humid shimmer of a tropical night. 'Pa Genesyn' is an indecipherable collage of crashing cymbals, unpredictable rhythms and subtle sequences, while 'At Ville' lets us rest in the suspended dark of a floatation chamber. Finally, 'Optagelse 16A' sees us out with beautiful melody, gentle bass and nebulous electronics - cleansing tones for tuned in folks.


Patrick says: The last Melody As Truth of 2017 and a total stunner! Expressionistic, detailed and dreamy, 'Universal' offers the kind of other-worldly ambience you'd expect from Jons Kelihor or Hassell.

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