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Perhaps due to a youth playing console RPGs, I like to imagine everyone has their own speciality. Barry has parenthesis, Martin has humous, Dave has distemper, and Norway's Preservation Records have encyclopedic knowledge of Scando-yacht rock and white Norse disco. Niche I know, but no less exciting than any other fringe genre. Their latest discovery is a whole host of unreleased, archival material from Norse DUDE Atle. Funky, soulful and presumably blue eyed, Atle trades in the kind of moving, grooving disco perfect for a cocktail party or first time meeting the parents. An aspirational chap, the teenage Atle Lauve spent his cash on music, women and partying, drinking in the high living and hedonism of a Santa Monica celebrity. We have midtempo moods on opener "Du Er Sa Deilig" and the jazz-flecked "Vekk Med Tv'en", Doobie Brothers-style yacht-rock on "Ut Pa Turne" and Fleetwood Mac-style emotion on "Hold Meg" - and that's just dealing with the A-side. You'll have to buy it to get a handle on the flip...


David says: Scandanavian blue eyed soul anyone? Let Atle blow away the arctic winter winds and take you to a better place, where the sun always shines and the beer is always cold. Great stuff.


Du Er Sa Deilig
Ut Pa Turne
Vekk Med Tv'en
Hold Meg
Du Er Den Jeg Vil Ha
Farlig Kjaerlighet
Alt Var Galt
Ole Langefinger

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