Image of Björk - Utopia

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‘Utopia’ is the ninth studio album from the iconic artist Björk, out November 24th via One Little Indian Records. The album's artwork was created in collaboration of M/M, Jesse Kanda and James Merry and reflects the records sonic direction; optimism, lightness, utopia.

Of the album she explained to Dazed this Summer that, ““Maybe that’s why it became a utopian theme – if we’re gonna survive not only my personal drama but also the sort of situation the world is in today, we’ve got to come up with a new plan, If we don’t have the dream, we’re just not gonna change. Especially now, this kind of dream is an emergency.”


Barry says: Pulsing beats, throbbing sub-bass booms a-la Arca, and Bjork's unmistakable murder-pixie vocal stylings. Immersive, brilliantly written and as brilliant as anything she's done so far. Brilliant stuff.

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