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90's Wax

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The man behind Tusk Wax pulls out another sub-label to follow Trance Wax. Four re-moulds of some slept upon but rather good mid 90s numbers. From the proggy openings of "Resistance", to the acidic, Gat Decor-esque throb of "Blue Jeans" and back through B-side tracks "SOS", with its steady low end pulse and vibing whistles before finally "Temptation" concludes with darting lasers, vocal 'ha's and nagging electronic elements. You've gotta give it lord Tusk, I haven't heard any of these tracks before; leaving me to question, indeed, my own 90s house knowledge or as to whether they're all OGs by the Tusk man himself, simply indebted to 90s culture but not directly sampling them. Who knows? I'll leave it up to you guys to correct me...


Side 1

1. "Resistence"
2. "Blue Jeans"

Side 2

1. "S.O.S"
2. "Temptation"

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