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Point Loma 108

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Point Loma

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We kick off the new year with Sent In Sound on the beautifully named (and newly minted) Point Loma Recordings. Anyone embarking on a sprawling 8 hour record journey needs to start the trip with "Doving" on side A by Benaji Lattu. Perfect for settling into the booth, ordering a Margarita and sequencing the next few movements while the lengthy and heavenly track serves its purpose; a convocation for the ceremony ahead, while blessing the entering congregation in epic waves of sumptuous bliss. For later in the session, Tinopiras' "Skylover Tea" recalls the incendiary moment when the dancefloor starts to busy up, the sound system gets cranked up a notch and the party really gets underway. A lush jazz funk eulogy to a slice of electronic music gold, executed with all the flamboyance of a holiday cruise down the Adriatic. All aboard!


A. Benaji Lattu - Doving
B. Tinopiras - Skylover Tea

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