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Good Company Records are joined by Motor Works for their eighth release; designed and built by local rev-head, James Ireland who takes on the Ginoli alias for the course of the trip. Fine-tuned machine funk sets us underway as "Wild Hall" splurts and spits multicoloured robo-phlegm in-between flapping drum hits and a splashy live kit. "Cannoli" sees radiant pads and bell keys supported by hefty conga patterns and weighty subs, landing somewhere between Tom Blip's Blip Disc workouts and Aunti Flo's modern take on tribal dance music - ace! "Carma" sounds just like its been taken off a lesser known Sound Signature b-side with its squelchy, Malic Pittman esque grooves and shrouded in backroom darkness. "Tek G" is a trickski, intelligent little bugger with expertly constructed drum patterns ricocheting against funky deep house business; this incendiary little number has secret weapon written all over it. Finally, Ginoli leaves us with an untitled number; languid, warm, emotive, and rich with instrumentation its a soulful and funky number all wrapped in a house framework and as such would find a natural home next to DJ Nature, MCDE and Theo Parrish records in equal favour. Top stuff here most enjoyable.


Matt says: Nearly slept on this until "Cannoli" won me over with its swaying pads, fluttering beats and delicate tribal chants. Lovely


A1. Wild Hall
A2. Cannoli
A3. Carma
B1. Tek G
B2. Untitled

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