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In October 2016, members from the Afro Cuban Band Compro Oro, Funk and Soul congregation Big Whoop and Electronic duo Sue Avenue, submitted themselves to the windowless walls of the desolated buildings of the American Theatre in Brussels (BE) to engage in an experiment. The resulting nine hours and forty minutes of jams were edited and arranged to the final tracks on this Mini LP & 7" package. This is really, really strong. The level of playing from the musicians is phenomenal and the jams, songs, whatever you wanna call them suck you in instantly and hold you for their full duration. No self indulgent wallowing or superfluous soloing, just in-the-pocket goodness with a dynamically pleasing arrangement throughout. The moods and chord progressions lean on the bright, optimistic side; and you can definitely picture a disco ball or tropical decoration adorning whatever environment its playing in. There's two tropicalia flavoured interludes hidden amongst the grooves but overall it's an upbeat offering through and through. We might be in the deep mid winter but stick this on your player and you'll feel the warmth of the summer sun emanating from your hi-fi. 


A1. Live At Expo '58
A2. Lalibela
A3. Intermezzo I
B1. Red Seats Carpet
B2. On Air In Five
B3. Intermezzo Ii


A1. Midnight Wires
B1. Birds Of Paradise

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