Dean Blunt

Stone Island

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World Music

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"World Music presents the first ever vinyl edition of Dean Blunt's siren song LP Stone Island. Recorded in full in a Moscow hotel room in 2013 and only made available as a download until now....

An important milestone in Blunt's evolution between The heartbroken blues of The Redeemer and Black Metal, through to Babyfather and DJ Escrow's concrète jungle explorations for Hyperdub. While Stone Island maybe a quickfire selection of sketches, it carries a truly spellbinding simplicity that carries well across the years since its release and the formats it has graced with its doughy-eyed gaze.

Stone Island follows on from a busy few months for World Music with releases dropping by Blue Iverson, Joanne Robertson (who's vocals feature heavily here) and Babyfather, as well as the excellent La Monte Young gone indie 12" As Long As Ropes Unravel Fake Rolex Will Travel. As always with World Music, we'd advise being quick if you want a copy as these are not gonna last long..."


A1. One
A2. Two
A3. Three
A4. Four
A5. Five
B1. Six
B2. Stone Island
B3. Eight
B4. Heat (featuring Joanne Robertson)
B5. Ten

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