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dbh is a composer, guitarist and multi-instrumentalist based in Manchester, England. For a long time he has had a hand in an inordinate amount of the great music emerging from Manchester’s music scene, as guitarist of NASDAQ and the FTSE 100, and playing all manner of instruments with Kiran Leonard and Irma Vep, to name but two. Most recently he has been playing live with New York singer-songwriter, Julie Byrne. Mass is dbh’s third album of solo instrumentals, and the followup to Mood (Thread Recordings, 2015) and Time Flies (Crowfoot Records, 2013). It was recorded and mixed by Karl Sveinsson at Queens Ark Audio, Manchester, and mastered by Peter Fletcher at Black Bay Studio, Outer Hebrides.

Much anticipated follow up to the sell-out "Time Flies" and 2015 Piccadilly top 20 album "Mood". We at Piccadilly have had a soft spot for this guy since day one - a fresh faced, highly skilled guitarist paying more than homage to the spirits of John Fahey, Robbie Basho, Jack Rose and Bert Jansch. Mixing electric with acoustic compositions on this newie - we see forays into bottleneck slide and experiments with loops alongside some sterling performances on violin and banjo. There's a serene and delicate nature as usual, but the songwriting seems to have taken on new forms and directions. The mood is definitely in tune with a Sunday afternoon spent whiling away the hours in the cottage. Totally recommended.


1. Out And About
2. Funny
3. Light Pools
4. Med Sun
5. Guitar Limb
6. Ghost Of Eyeless
7. Faith
8. Blues II
9. Hike
10. Mass Appeal

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