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The Secret

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Born Free

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Holy fuck!!! After eleven years of active service in the vinyl bizz, DJ Sling hits the shelves with his first solo release. Now, the Born Free co-founder doesn't come correct here, instead he reminds us all that there are no right answers, just a load of confusing brain mess best soothed with a good old jig in a smoke filled basement. Opening with a spoken vocal, rumbling bassline and rib rattling kick, "Watch Out" pays homage to Mr Fingers before fucking off into the subterranean slime where the gremlins hide. Melancholic keys and woozy hats warp around the intimidating bottom end, creating the kind of psychotropic sound Jamal Moss can change your life with. After that 4 AM deepness, the EP bounds into the rhythmic and rubberized "A Knife In Your Back", a baffling collection of detuned bells, wonky bass and pitch bent bleeps which combines the best bit of Samo, Powder and Sexazoid into one post everything hit of foggy house. The tough and rough percussion continues to bounce our brains around the old skull space on the flip, lending the bloodless "Fade To Grey" style keys of darkroom house hit "I Feel Weak" a steely determination. Add in rhythmic idiosyncrasies, hypnotic bass and irresistible memories and you're in post-industrial proto-techno heaven, hiding from the dawn as the White Hotel starts to steam up. Sling finally comes up for air on the EP closing "The Secret Is Out", swapping the grime and the gloom for an optimistic slice of analogue house decorated with blurred vocal samples. Melancholic, life-saving, house-hits on this one!


Patrick says: I fucking love Born Free, and now the label head finally steps up with his first ever solo 12". This is melancholic, post industrial house music heard through the haze of the smoke machine, flash of the strobe light and blur of way too many narcotics for any humanoid to handle. Expect to hear this turning the White Hotel inside out...


A1. Watch Out
A2. A Knife In Your Back
B1. I Feel Weak
B2. The Secret Is Out 

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