Jonny Nash / Lindsay Todd

Fauna Mapping

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Island Of The Gods

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The third instalment of Island Of The Gods sees Balearic / Ambient / Esoteric mainstays Johnny Nash (Melody As Truth) and Lindsay Todd (Firecracker) come together for a lush LP inspired by the paradisal surrounds of Bali. Over the course of twelve compositions we find the pair utilising their recordings in a whole host of ways, avoiding the well-trodden cliches of the “exotic” and instead attempting to achieve a personal interpretation of the flora, fauna and climate of the island. Spending time amidst the insects, rice fields and scorching sun, the pair gathered a library of found sounds which were then taken back to a studio space to be stretched, mangled and manipulated alongside a variety of electronic and acoustic instruments. The outdoor studio itself became a living instrument, with the duo setting up multiple microphones for durations of up to 12 hours around the space, layering and processing the results in tracks such as “Fauna Mapping” and “A Series Of Small Frogs”.


Patrick says: Island Of The Gods invite a pair of true sonic trailblazers to take a journey of self discovery amongst the warungs and rice fields of Bali. The result is a deeply textured LP rich with mystical tones, immersive compositions and bold expressions of an earthly paradise.


1. The Gecko That Wore Its Skin Out
2. Dengue
3. Hotel Harriat
4. Pigeon
5. Kelahiran Kambar
6. Fauna Mapping
7. Petrol And Nab Champa
8. Kokokan
9. No Pigeon
10. Pipe To Pipe Bushment
11. A Series Of Small Frogs
12. Mushroom Omelette (and The Now Prevailing Cosmic Anxiety) 

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