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Meandyou return with the ninth instalment of the collective's record label, this time presenting Manchester cult techno artist J.S. Zeiter.  Zeither resurrects his Analog 1 alias for his second outing on the label, after 2012s mini album on the collective's first edition of the TAPE series - the cassette featured original material split per side between Zeiter and Meandyou's Herron.
In the late 1990s, J.S. Zeiter reached cult status by releasing a string of dub-infused techno EPs under his SJ moniker, each becoming sought after amongst collectors and DJs. Styrax Leaves recently reissued a number of his classic tracks, including new edits of the previously released tracks. He has released music on his own MCMLXV and JS imprints, as well as Pleasure Music and Phorma. 'Restoration EP' features 3 new productions that float between slow-mo techno and electro, plus the previously CD only track 'Interude 3' that appeared on the acclaimed 'Decade' album.


Sil says: Killer track here, folks. It is all about 'Mistral' on A2. A gentle walk in space led by sparkling synth notes accompanied by beautiful melody and loops. All of it underpinned by an electro / techno beat. It sounds simple but it is not. To make outstanding music you have to go farther and this track will take you there, farther. As per the rest of this EP, expect atmospheres of soundtrack proportions and beatless dark passages bar 'Skiv Loop' on A2 that brings to mind the best Basic Channel output. Strong similarities with a the beat slowed down to make it even more loungier.

I say buy this because it will grow with every listening session. Again, 'Mistral' will captivate you, but the rest is as solid and it will become a classic on its own. For those who likes their techno bathed in dub, Echocord or even Nils Frahm.


A1. SM4L
A2. Mistral
B1. Interlude
B2. SKIV Loop (rework)

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