Joe Morris

Jacaranda Skies 8.02

Image of Joe Morris - Jacaranda Skies 8.02
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Pleasure Unit

About this item

Following a successful 2016 with his well received EPs "Golden Tides", "Sunlit Forest" and one of our fave releases "Bahia", Joe offers up four cuts for Pleasure Unit. Continuing the producer's passion for new age, paradisiacal ambience and dreamy deep house, lead title "Jacaranda Skies" might be what Telephones and Larry Heard would have sounded like had they met in Rimini circa '91. A dusky atmosphere provides the backdrop to ecstasy inducing chords, an elevated brass sequence and afro percussion driving a tight groove. "Mangrove Dawn" is an aural Quaalude hit, gentle synth washes fold over each other while nature sounds buzz through a distant 303. "The Lost Garden" opens to a reverb soaked slide guitar and soaring pad section before a jaguar snarl gives way to subtle kick pattern atop M1 chimes and Bali bells. "Skies Reprise" closes off the EP with a beatless take on the second track, the melodies given more space; the sonic equivalent of open air swaying under hazy pink skies.


Matt says: Nice collection that skirts between the beach and the dancefloor in equal measure. Not quite sure whether if it wants you on your feet dancing or laid back revelling in horizontal bliss.


A1. Mangrove Dawn
A2. Jacaranda Skies
B1. The Lost Garden
B2. Skies Reprise

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