Hermeto Pascoal & Grupo Vice Versa

Viajando Com O Som (The Lost 76 Vice Versa Studio Sessions)

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There have been few musicians to ever reach the stature of Hermeto Pascoal. A true maestro and a cultural icon, he represents the highest level of musical evoluti on; as a multi -instrumentalist, as a composer and as an arranger. Once described by Miles Davis as "the most impressive musician in the world".

For the label's 200th release, Far Out Recordings proudly presents a previously unreleased album by Hermeto Pascoal and his 'Grupo Vice Versa': Viajando Com O Som (the lost '76 Vice Versa Studio Sessions). Recorded in just two days in 1976, at Rogério Duprat's Vice Versa Studios, São Paulo, the sessions featured Hermeto's go-to 'Paulista' rhythm secti on of the day: Zé Eduardo Nazario (drums), Zeca Assumpção (bass) and Lelo Nazario (electric piano), as well as saxophonists Mauro Senise, Raul Mascarenhas and Nivaldo Ornelas, guitarist Toninho Horta and vocalist Aleuda Chaves.

Recorded at an especially experimental period in Hermeto's career, it's a compelling insight into the incredible eff orts of this group, who under Hermeto's revoluti onary vision, created a unique musical language which would have a profound infl uence on countless arti sts to come.

Nowadays, the 1970s is indeed considered a golden age of Brazilian music, but it's oft en forgott en how desperately hard it was for arti sts to get their music past the military dictatorship's censorship eff orts throughout the decade. Yet in 1976, despite the oft en musically radical nature of Hermeto Pascoal's compositi ons, he was in a typically producti ve phase of his career. The year before the release of his seminal album Slaves Mass, '76 saw Hermeto amass performance credits on Flora Purim's 'Open Your Eyes You Can Fly', OPA's 'Goldenwings' and Cal Tjader's 'Amazonas' to name just a few.

The release of Viajando Com O Som re-writes the already remarkable story of one of the world's most supernaturally talented musicians, whilst illuminati ng a truly magical, yet hitherto lost and forgott en, moment of Brazilian musical history.

“One of the greatest of all Brazilian musicians, fi le next to Sun Ra and all those great ahead of their ti me all-rounders. Far Out have done it yet again. Brilliant stuff ”. - Gilles Peterson (BBC 6 Music/ Worldwide FM)


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