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Not only is Steve Cobby a resonating force for social change and incredibly nice chap, he's also a TOTAL effin' ledge, and this latest LP delivers every bit of slow-release splendor you could hope for. "Jenkem" opens the set with a sublime mid tempo groove, giving us blobby bass, funky guitar licks and mellow mallets, all topped with the purest pads and delivered with crystal clear production. So far so funky, and the cool and cosmic of "Rick James Dwells In The Abyss" delivers on its titular promise with a mega Charlie Murphy vocal sample, soulful strut and eventual evolution into rapid fire breakbeats and buzzing guitar-god riffage. "The Canyons Of Lower Manhattan" powers into the peaktime with neat disco-house percussion, Metro Area style production and a heart wrenching leadline worthy of a Todd Terje classic. It wouldn't be a Cobby cut without a little dub, and "Babylon On The Hudson" arrives right on time, translating Blaxploitation chords and soulful horns into a supreme smokers jam, while "Heure D'or" is a thing of true beauty - all twinkly keys, broken beats and warm feelings. "A Candle For The Moth" continues with the dreamy downbeat theme, serving us soulful keys and chiming mallets on a stoned Roy Ayers tip. "Cherry-skin Blanket' brings back the blorp, pairing slobbery synth bass with smooth guitars and pleasing arps, before Cobby calls time with a siren song for subtle bodies and sunsets alike, merging malleable electronics with divine acoustic guitar. 


Patrick says: Steve doesn't make bad records, but this is beauty even by his standards. Whatever your particular penchant is, if you like to live slowly, there's something here for you.


1. Jenkem
2. Rick James Dwells In The Abyss
3. The Canyons Of Lower Manhattan
5. Babylon On The Hudson
6. Heure D'or
7. A Candle For The Moth
8. Cherry-skin Blanket
9. Fixing The Shadows

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