Kornél Kovács


Image of Kornél Kovács - Szamar
Record Label
Endless Flight

About this item

You might remember Kornel Kovacs from a blink-and-you'll-miss-it 12" released on Numbers last year. The Studio Barnhus head honcho is a celebrated producer in the underground circles of Sweden and beyond, having run adored P3 Dans Show and put on more than his fair share of parties around Stockholm since a very young age. Now he's back on Endless Flight with a juicy 10" double A-side. Enlarged with super happy emotions, it makes people smile, dance and shake in equal measure. “Szamár” is the quirkier of the two; pairing filtered disco samples to chunky but twisted, fun-loving beat. On the B-side it's driving deep house that's order of the day; executed with Kovacs' bubbling and forward thinking style. It's a remix of "Order To The Sense" by New Zealand / German duo Snacks which Kornel transforms into a sublime glider, glowing with radiance and spirit. 


Snacks - Order To The Senses (Kornel Kovacs Remix)

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