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Two of the best tracks off Maria Rita's "Brasileira" LP get an updated dancefloor treatment by Selvagem, Carrot Green and Joakim. To beginwith, "Cântico Brasileiro Nº3 (Kamaiurá)" gets covered (!!) by the Selvagem boys' Augusto Olivani and Millos Kaiser (the minds behind Selva Discos). In order to properly remake the track, they recruited Paulo Sergio Santos from Uakti, one of the musicians that took part in the original "Brasileira" recording sessions, a supertalented multi-instrumentist who still possesses a version of the plastic tubes responsible for the particular bass sound of the track and also a couple of flutes reminiscent of the ones first used (not to mention a lot of crazy instruments he brought alongside him; on a side note for those not familiar with Uakti, it was an instrumental music group from Brazil famous for creating their own instruments whose godfather was Milton Nascimento and peaked in the 1990's playing with Philip Glass). Carlos Gualda aka Carrot Green, who's been collaborating with Selvagem for the past 3 years, was also enlisted into the squad. The result is a fully beguiling, meandering extension which retains all the mysticism and exotic flavour but with additional electronic boosts, kicks and bucks like a bull at a rodeo. "Lamento Africano" gets re-done by Rictus before Joakim is hauled into to remix the result. He didn't had the same opportunity as Selvagem & Carrot Green had, being offered to work with just the original song, but did an amazing job inverting the elements of this suite, using the kalimba-sounding instrument in the introduction and the African lyrics in the breakdown, turning this subtle, sensitive chant into an electronically charged beast, complete with growling Jupiter bass, randomized arps and skitty, futuristic beats. A brilliantly realised project, comes thoroughly recommended.


Track: 1
Cantico Brasileiro No 3 (Kamaiura) Version: Selvagem And Carrot Green Remix
Playtime: 00:08:19
Track: 2
Lamento Africa/Rictus Version: Joakim Remix
Playtime: 00:07:56

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