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Bit of a special one this folks. Local provocateur, dance music Casanova and the freshest smelling South African in Manchester, the man the myth the stone cold L E G that is Levi Love kick starts his new label with a record by three of the city's most celebrated rising talents. One sees star Levelz and Wet Play producer Metrodome joined by fellow mancs Mako MCR and (MC) Sparkz for a global-unifying, upfront dance track that joins the dots between kwaito, house and Manchester's forward thinking techno prowess. "Applebush pt. 1" announces the project with a typically fast-paced and wry vocal commentary placed over a swaggering kwaito-funky hybrid, mixing up the SA rhythms with a UK sound palette and bass sensibility. Sparkz sounds relaxed and on form, while the track's production gold is revealed more towards the end, as Metrodome and Morgan open the filter up on this rattling, c64-esque mystic synth refrain. A glimpse into the studio trickery that characterizes these unique producers, it still keeps its feet proudly on the dancefloors of MCR's feverish underground. On the flip Sparkz takes a back seat as the Metrodome and Mako take the stage to display their unfathomably fresh production traits. Reversed concentric vox blending nicely into skewed and pumpin' side chained 2-step - house fusion. Rich and engrossing, Ruud's ADHD production ethos keeping us on our toes throughout and never reveling in superfluous repetition. Seriously, hot shit is this! MVITA. Don't sleep.


Matt says: Sometimes you just gotta love what our fine city throws up. Expertly constructed sonic bridge from MCR >> SA here via three of our city's biggest characters. TIP!


Applebush Pt. 1 Feat. Sparkz
Applebush Pt. 2

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