Ratto Nero / Beard

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Delights 45

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Following the success of their debut 7 inch "Heavy Tint/Dip-Dab", Brighton psych-funk combo MNP (featuring Beta Hector and his long-time band mates from Baby Charles and Derriere) return with a new single.

If, like me, you dread the thought of small children in weird outfits knocking on your door in the coming days, you could do no worse than to have this record on a continuous loop.

A side "Ratto Nero's" heavy combination of horror soundtrack guitars and dungeon drums will have even the hardiest of kids dropping their quality street and heading home, sheets between their legs, never to darken your door again.

B side "Beard" is lighter in mood and wouldn't sound out of place on "Paul's Boutique". 

The last MNP 7 went before you could say 'Trick Or Treat', this one is even better, need I say more?


Ratto Nero

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