Frits Wentink

Vertiqua (Frits Wentink Edits)

Image of Frits Wentink - Vertiqua (Frits Wentink Edits)
Record Label
Bobby Donny

About this item

Frits Wentink's next release on his own Bobby Donny label finds him editing some tracks he has been playing on his radio show for a while. They are originally by Vertiqua, a German lo-fi hip hop producer that remains unknown. They fit perfectly alongside records on Glenn Astro & Max Graef's Money $ex Record - balanced coyly between hip-hop and house, with dusty sample usage and MPC trickery the main focus. It's at once relaxed and sloppy, but with direct hooks that demand your attention. Riddled with soul throughout, the eager-eared should easily catch D'Angelo samples nestled amongst the woozy keys and disjointed drums. Ace, and limited to just 500 copies. You know what to do! 


A1 Track 1
A2 Track 2
B1 Track 3
B2 Track 4

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