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Quik Is The Name

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Awwwww-sheeeeeiiitttt! There goes the neighbourhood folks. Way before Snoop, Nate, Daz and Kurupt, a young Compton brother was flipping samples, scratching wild and spitting serious bars into his Tascam, selling tapes out the trunk of his chevvie. That teen was DJ Quik and his innovative production technique, intricate flow and lyrical predelictions with blunts, bitches and liquor laid the blueprint for the G funk style the West Coast became famous for. If you though Dre was the OG, listen to "Tonite" and think again. The cold chillin cut even features Quik on the talkbox (FYI, Roger Troutman taught him how to rock it). "Born And Raised In Compton" boasts an optimistic attitude, hard hitting funk groove and string of dope multi-syllabic rhymes. Not only has the X-rated "Sweet Black Pussy" slayed every house party its graced, but its also stayed in my head since I first heard it in 1998. (I just freestyled the whole track to Barry). Elsewhere, "Quik Is The Name" and "Tear It Off" are fast paced club track (see Naughty By Nature's "Pin The Tail"), "8 Ball" is a cold chillin viber and "I Got That Feelin'" teaches LL Cool J a lesson in ghetto seduction. One of the LA's finest!


A1. Sweet Black Pussy
A2. Tonite
A3. Born And Raised In Compton
A4. Deep
A5. Tha Bombudd
A6. Dedication
B1. Quik Is The Name
B2. Loked Out Hood
B3. 8 Ball
B4. Quik's Groove
B5. Tear It Off 
B6. I Got That Feelin'
B7. Skanless

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