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The CS Strategy

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Much needed repress of this in-demand Jamal Moss twelve. Originally released in the spring of 2004, this split EP from Eargasmic boss Daryl Cura and The Sun God aka Jamal Moss, caught the attention of DJ's like Francois K, DJ Harvey & Omar S. Now over a decade later this highly sought after 12" finally gets remastered and reissued. "Show Me Love" kicks off the voyage, patented Chicago mechanics working overdrive against burning pads and swirling textures. A cosmic steamtrain of power and energy. Fans of Jamals' "Cosmic Nigga Mix" will recognize "Galaxy (Theme From SunRa)", his sensual ripples of inter-dimensional energy delicately fluttering through the cosmos and into our receptive bodies. The track takes us to the very reach of our galaxy, epitomizing the anti-gravity sound that many try to copy. A monolithic ode to space travel. Cura takes kicks off side B with a more delicate and sumptious deep house number; "Contigo" displaying the other side to Chicago's personality, as these two luminaries guide us through their sonic cannon, hand on heart. "Operator" concludes proceedings with a lazer guided, late night number, perfect for the bigger dancefloors and hi-end soundsystems. An underground classic, available again after thirteen years. 


Matt says: A real doozy of a double header here from Jamal Moss and Daryl Cura. Plenty of moods and feels to get stuck into, from the space-walk ambience of "Galaxy.." to the deep house serenity of "Contigo".


A1. The Sun God - Show Me Love
A2. The Sun God - Galaxy (Theme From SunRa)
B1. Daryl Cura - Contigo
B2. Daryl Cura - Operator

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