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Iron Flag

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Renowned for taking lengthy breaks between LPs, the Clan took the masses by surprise with their fourth LP "Iron Flag", dropping it in 2001, a year after their critically acclaimed "The W" release. Though Cappadonna and ODB sat this one out, the rest of the crew are in suitably feisty form, trading tough verses over the most diverse beats in the Wu Tang catalogue. RZA takes the controls for six of the cuts, switching between the synth heavy digital orchestra style of his Bobby Digital work, gritty beats and martial arts samples of  the "Enter The Wu-Tang" era, Blaxploatation samples of "The W" and the proto Kanye sampling of "Wu-Tang Forever". Elsewhere a variety of Wu-Tang associates add their own production stylings resulting in a dynamic, unpredictable listen. Killer beez y'all.


Patrick says:


In The Hood 4:11
Rules 3:53
Chrome Wheels 4:15
Soul Power (Black Jungle) 4:53
Uzi (Pinky Ring) 5:20
One Of These Days 4:14
Ya'll Been Warned 4:15
Babies 5:08
Radioactive (Four Assasins) 3:30
Back In The Game 4:34
Iron Flag 6:26
Dashing (Reasons) 4:46
The W 3:41

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