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Fallen Heroes Vol.1

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Secret Mixes / Fixes

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After a two year hiatus, the shadowy figures behind Secret Mixes / Fixes reconvene around the Bat-signal, bringing their dancefloor expertise to a quartet of lost gems from a fallen hero. Sexy, sleazy, superb and properly purple, this insanely limited four tracker should light up your next set, as long as you manage to bag a copy...
First up we get an intense extension of coke-fuelled synth funk stomper "Purple Music", which augments the head nodding, twitch muscle groove of the original with terse 909 beats and a little rough EQing. From there we sidestep onto Vanity 6's "Make Up", a 1982 Prince side-project which offers proto electroclash lyrics, a killer drum track and scuzzed up synth sequencing. This Mix / Fix pans that gnarly sequence for surround sound dancing before extending the cut way beyond its premature two and a half minute tracklength. Skipping to the flip we get another heads down stomper in the form of "Controversy", now drawn out into the kind of proto-techno funk cut you'd hear everyone from Theo to Marcel Dettmann play. Finally, our mysterious hosts take aim at "Dirty Mind" era rarity "Lisa", a techno-disco killer featuring Prince in full smut-gospel mode. Limited quantity purple magic here!


Patrick says: Secret Mixes / Fixes on a purple tip! "Purple Music", "Make Up", "Controversy" and "Lisa" reworked, extended and thoroughly rescuzzed into techno-disco sizzlers.


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