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No Luscious Life

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Golden Teacher FINALLY get round to releasing their debut album, after blowing minds, bodies and souls through a plethora of arresting 12"s, direct live performances and celebrated DIY ethos. Famously recording at Glasgow's Green Door Studio the band, active since around 2013 have been responsible for championing the local scene, injecting some punk attitude and minimal wave electronics into the highly danceable outfit. To be honest, the band are already refusing to call this an album; but due to its major label distro I'm guessing have been coercised into labelling it so! But really it's just a continuation of their already existing catalogue - tracks culled from live performances and studio jams, presented in vinyl form for all to enjoy. There's no alteria motive or over-thought work process; these are simply tracks the band enjoy performing and playing, sequenced with very little thought. Each track tells a story: a pop funk essay against wage labour and its lassitudes; a drum-driven homage to Senegal's legendary poet Aby Ngana Diop; a propulsive ballad about two star-crossed lovers stuck downtown in the middle of an interstellar journey; a sweet & low last dance upon the stage of Liverpool's late, great Kazimier club; a disorienting dive backwards into early terror of the animate shadows of childhood; a harvest song sung by machines in the autumn sun of a fully automated society; and the impressionist clamour of the eponymous grand finale's tentative chamber music. For anyone new to the band who wants some obvious references: think LCD if they were familiar with the council estates outside Glasgee, Talking Heads on new darkweb chems, and all conceived while the band were high on lamb's bread in downtown JA. Hopefully that'll paint a welcoming picture of one of the important bands to be circling around the underground. We heart Golden Teacher! Mastered by James Savage. Original album artwork by Oliver Pitt. Highly recommended! 


01. Sauchiehall Withdrawal 
02. Diop
03. Spiritron
04. The Kazimier
05. Shatter (version)
06. What Fresh Hell Is This?
07. No Luscious Life 

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