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From the creator of deep reggaeton and the hit record "¡Estéreo Bomba! Vol. 1", DJ Python returns with his first full length album "Dulce Compañia". Comprised of eight totally unique joints which solidify the producer as one of the leading lights of this sound! Adding extra depth and dimension to the reggaeton cannon, DJ Python brings the genre up-to-date through excellent use of technoid soundscapes and electro-static ambience. Both meditative, hypnotic and healing, the tracks here display a producer in fine form - showing restrain and an ear for rhythm like no other. The closest thing I can compare this stuff to is the sound of Deepblak, Aybee and Afrikan Sciences; however it's also thoroughly in tune with Huerco S and the Proitbo aesthetic, making them natural bed fellows. Sensual and evocative, this is music to while away the hours smoking tryptamines by a plasma lake on another planet, perched comfortably in your hammock as the exotic fauna takes life around you. Much like Huerco S' much acclaimed "For Those Who Have Never....", this is a challenging and rewarding album, sure to feature high in the many end of year charts that'll start trickling through shortly.


A1. Las Palmas
A2. Cuál
B1. Todo Era Azul (Versión Afuera)
B2. Toda Era Azul (Siempre Dub)
C1. Q.e.p.d.
C2. Acostados
D1. Esteban
D2. Yo Ran (Do)

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