Scott Grooves

The Five Heartbeats

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Natural Midi

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Scott Grooves celebrates 10 years with his 10th release. A versatile EP inspired by the human heart, beating across many genres in true! "Untitled 1" is both playful and jacking, landing somewhere between Levon Vincent, Vakula and Mike Perres (!!!) and sounding like a Hacienda anthem beamed back from the future, if that makes sense. "Untitled 2" sees a red-hue smother everything as a delicate, tantalizing techno number emerges poised and ready. On "Untitled 3" we witness Scott Grooves unload a carefully packed microcosm of ethereal textures; a glowing, enchanted spirit humanized via a well place spoken word passage. "Untitled 4" sees the SG aesthetic taken even deploy and mechanized rhythms meet a permeating B-line and squelchy analogue fragments. Finally, "Untitled 5" sees a wild sawooth wreck havoc through a heavily kinetic rhythm section and nagging acid elements. Ten years of Natural Midi and Scott Grooves still has all the pizzazz and flair which made him such an attractive prospect in the first place. Recommended.


Untitled 1
Untitled 2
Untitled 3
Untitled 4
Untitled 5

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