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But this is Future, and the first rule of FutureHive is that you can’t doubt Future! Just one week after releasing the rim rattling, soon to be quadruple platinum trap of his self-titled album, Future fucked around and dropped what may prove to be his masterpiece. "HNDRXX" is the highest incarnation of Future: that alchemy of joy, drugs, and pain that makes you unsure whether you want to cry or celebrate - probably both. It’s as if Future realized that the best records he ever wrote were “Codeine Crazy,” “You Deserve It,” “Body Party,” and the first draft of “Drunk in Love.” This album is crystallized, purposeful and strangely beautiful.


1. My Collection
2. Comin Out Strong (featuring The Weeknd)
3. Lookin Exotic
4. Damage
5. Use Me
6. Incredible
7. Testify
8. Fresh Air
9. Neva Missa Lost
10. Keep Quiet
11. Hallucinating
12. I Thank U
13. New Illuminati
14. Turn On Me
15. Selfish (featuring Rihanna)
16. Solo
17. Sorry

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