Subterranean (1989-1995)

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Left Ear

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There's no shortage of reissue specialists around at the moment, but Melbourne's Left Ear are establish themselves as a permanent feature at the top table with an excellent outing from Workdub. Unearthing ten lost tracks from Nicholas Georgieff and Virgil Work, Left Ear take the baton from Music From Memory, bringing the St Louis' duo back overground and into the limelight. The release spans material from 1989-95 and includes recordings from their sole LP and both cassette albums. Workdub’s music hardly fits into a vacuum and some might even say it’s otherworldly. Tracks like “Reach for the Stars” and “Lunar Module” reflect dreams of space-age exploration, all the while their investigation into drum machines, synthesizers, samples and digital fx’s matched with their organic live instrumentation work to create a unique atmospheric dubbed out sound. The sampled vox and white funk strut of "By Any Means Necessary" calls to mind that mega Pat 7", while the woozy and woody "Rainforest" is every bit as trippy as you'd hope. Elsewhere there's warped synthwave, bedroom industrial and the occasional flirtation with proto-house. All things considered, this is well Balearic!


Patrick says: Excellent work by Left Ear here, who uncover a glorious set of long lost Workdub material. Experimental in the best way, this ten track set cartwheels between synthpop, proto house, white funk and EBM to create a batshit sound all of its own. Patch approved Balearic purchase right here...


1. By Any Means Necessary
2. Rainforest
3. Reach For The Stars
4. Work-A-Day World
5. Industrial Revolution
6. Invasion
7. Drive It Home
8. Just Pump It
9. Subterranean
10. Lunar Module 

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