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V.A 3 / LNEG008

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La Beauté Du Négatif

About this item

Cult leftfield techno / noize / ambient label, ran by Matéo Montero aka Rawmance outta Rome. As usual, a varied selection of uncompromising cuts. Starts off with the clamoring assault of "If You Want More.." by Penelope's Fiance, an industrial artist from Greece. Next SSIEGE totally flips the mood on "Arborea" and soaks us in an unfathomably rich layer of liquid ambience and sensual textures; allowing us to float temporarily in a place that's both celestial and submerged in equal measure, and a firm reason for fans of Huerco S and Deepchord and Actress to get on board this release. Finally, Cardiff's own noisesmith and beat mangler, DJ Guy makes a welcome return to the label; offering up another storming reinterpretation of breakbeat hardcore / jungle via his warped and lysergic mind. Another record from this staple that bursts out the blocks and takes no prisoners. Ridiculous! - and highly recommended.


A1. Penelope's Fiance - If You Want More,You'll Get Less
A2. SSIEGE - Arborea
B1. DJ Guy - CDIIF Quad Side B Trk 7

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