Obsolete Machines

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Echospace [detroit]

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It's been a quiet year vinyl wise from the Echospace camp, but they've just managed to squeeze out a killer release in time for the festive season and the cold dark nights. An unreleased EP from the Radius project, lovingly re-shaped by cv313 and given some extensive mastering at Alchemy London. Culled from cassette tapes and recorded live between 1995-2000, this is the purist inception of the Radius project, featuring solely hardware and sequenced with the cult Commodore C64 midi hub. This project was initially sent to Rod Modell & Mike Schommer shortly after they launched their brilliant Deepchord label in 2001. They were incredibly kind in saying it was the best demo they had ever heard and passed it on to Octal records for release, which sadly didn't materialize and since then these masters have been collecting dust for nearly 20 years now. After spending months restoring the tapes from their Tascam 688 the release, thankfully stands up, truly impressive even by modern standards (that is of course, if you can get past the tape hiss). Immersive and ambient in places, giving way to crushing walls of echo and flux, with plenty of electrostatic discharge littered amongst the dub-techno roots and humongous reverb chambers. For fans of Deepchord and Echospace, this will be a treasured release, and newcomers to this vast world harbored by Rod Modell can too revel in the undiluted goodness of this restored relic. A masterpiece!


Matt says: With Echospace / Deepchord vinyl releases thin on the ground this year, be sure to get yourself immersed in the liquid dub textures of this phenominal Radius mini album. Sure to satisfy your dub-techno needs!


A. Ethersonic [19:50]
B1. Etherscapes [9:30]
B2. Oscillation Range [4:55]
C. Ethersonic [cv313 Reshape]19:33
D. Ethersonic [cv313 Reprise] 16:17

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