Marlon Hoffstadt

Observing The Known

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Ransom Note

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Marlon Hoffstadt is a rising star as both a DJ and producer, effortlessly joining the dots between classic rave and the future of techno. Taking a break from running his Retrograde label, Marlon has cooked up "Observing The Known" for Ransom Note Records. Over three tracks of warm synths, bubbly acid and emotional chord progressions, the EP sees Marlon reimagining house music for today’s dancefloor, taking the passion and energy of ‘80s Chicago and giving it the production heft of 2017 Berlin. Opener "Floating" is a jubilant piano house number, shot through with 303 gurgles, tropical chimes and a rose-tinted nostalgia, it conjures up memories of dancing on sun-flecked seas and white sandy beaches. "ARP+" sees the mood change as redolent strings converge on a late night acid pattern, signaling a move indoors and into a the club. B-side opener "Batavus" keeps us firmly on the floor as thick bass patterns support anthemic piano stabs and euphoric waves of energy; combining all the best moments of a holiday in the sun into one pulsating wall of energy. London-based Scott Fraser adds a remix of "ARP+" that takes Marlon’s number into a vintage warehouse party, with snapping electro drums and classic 'seasick' bass ident, ramping up the claustrophobic pressure.


A1. Floating
A2. ARP+
B1. Batavus
B2. ARP+ (Scott Fraser Sunrise Mix)

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