Furious Frank

Magic Mountain

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Ken Oath deliver the goods once more before the year's climax, introducing a nuther new artist, this time from the hallowed Adelaide soils. Dishing up five tasty psychedelic dance burners laced with acid and a midnight aesthetic it perfectly balances with the more crepuscular, sounds of The Posse and Caravan. There's hints of Detroit's grandiose futuristic vision, alongside grinding acid cogs and perfectly placed sparkly drum machine patterns. Mic Mills makes a sterling appearance, a fellow Ozzy with releases on Untzz and Big Doint and who mans the 303 with precision on "Magic Mountain". "Dangerous Dancer" sees Furios Frank fire acid missiles into a minimalist, concentric electro groove. "The Grotto" and "Heysen Trail" emphasize those cosmic synths and the galactic mindset as did the forefathers from the motor city while, "Woorabinda Reserve" concludes with an eerie, creeping electro number, reminiscent of classic Dopplereffekt and sounding great for it! Another essential addition one of 2017's hottest labels. Highly recommended!


Matt says: Not much left to say about one of 2017's most exciting new labels. Here, Furios Frank displays a new side to the label - swathed in Detroitian goodness and an intergalactic mindset. 'ken oath it's good!

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