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Straight Out Of Wandsworth EP

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Coming off the back of 2 years running vinyl-only acid house parties, the Downfall crew - all veterans of the 1980's London acid house scene - have put together their debut v/a 12". Hardware powered, four hot producers smashing modern day lysergia out of their vintage noise boxes. Of personal preference is the two-fingers-up "Fuck Chicago", as Trio 3 attempt to re-claim the acid crown from our US cousins. Anyone that used go to Sequence of Kindergarten at the Attic here in Manchester (circa: 2004???) is gonna get a twitch in their trousers when they hear these beats. With a smoke-machine assaulted visibility, resulting in you barely able to see your own hand infront of your face, a stench of poppers and a totally overcrowded dancefloor, the seminal MCR rave-up probably mirrored exactly what was going on in the various squats and warehouses of London which informed this very EP. UK acid soundz for the fReAkz. TIP!


A1. The Auditor - Jack The Rhythm
A2. ConSequence - Acid Attack
B1. Trio 3 - Fuck Chicago
B2. The Auditor - House Your Body

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