Boot & Tax

Spazio EP

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Record Label
Endless Flight

About this item

the italian duo boot & tax got already one lp and four eps under their wings who all deliver house and techno that stands out. so far their records been published by glasgow’s finest optimo music and meant records from paris. now the two give their debut for endless flight and release three tunes that listen to the name “dimension”. they all got funk, they all love mesmerising melodies. you can feel the power of disco coming in with heavy seducing strings. you can get lost in echoed drums, trippy sounds and some oriental tones. and you also can march to cosmic techno that loves krautrock without embracing it. a multi-coloured ep that spreads deepness in an uncommon sense. if moves the heart and soul profound, while staying edgy and catchy.


1 Dimensione
2 Dimensione B
3 Dimensione C

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