James Mason

Rhythm Of Life

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8th Records

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This is the one and only solo LP released by the Roy Ayers Ubiquity guitarist / keyboard player (he played on the "Lifeline" LP and Ayers' classic "Running Away"), but what an LP it is! Originally released in very small numbers on the tiny New York label Chiaroscuro, this LP became a holy grail item for jazz-funk collectors, mainly because it includes the CLASSIC track "Sweet Power Your Embrace", which is a total anthem. But this ain't just a one track pony! Elsewhere, the fucking insane Theo Parrish play "Free" brings an uptempo spiritual vibe to any DJ set, and the hyperactive title track which killed it for Kruder and Dorfmeister back in the day. It was as rare as hens teeth for the longest time, but luckily for us Soul Brother reissued the LP with its original artwork (apart from the Soul Brother logo and barcode on the back) in 1999. It's taken long enough to get another pressing, but you're in for a treat.


David says: I've mostly found that most stuff that gets reissued and described as a 'long, lost, classic' is usually lost for a reason. This however, IS a straight up jazz funk masterpiece and is equal to, if not better, than anything Mason's previous employer, Roy Ayers put out around the same time.


A1. Sweet Power Your Embrace
A2. Good Thing
A3. Free
A4. Mbewe
A5. Funny Girl

B1. Slick City
B2. Rhythm Of Life
B3. Hey Hey Hey
B4. I’ve Got My Eyes On You
B5. Dreams

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