Willie Colon

Cosa Nuestra

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8th Records

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After bursting onto the scene at the early age of 17, Willie Colón has gone on to become a revered icon of salsa and bolero music, collaborating with the likes of Celia Cruz, Soledad Bravo, Rubén Blades, and even David Byrne during a long and successful career.  His numerous collaborations with vocalist Héctor Lavoe are considered some of the greatest works of Latin music of all time, and have rendered a slew of gold and platinum records. Critics tend to agree that one of his finest works came in 1970, with the release of "Cosa Nuestra". Smooth and brisk tracks like "Ausencia" and the Latin club track "Che Che Colé" were huge hits among New York's barrio youths, bolstered by Lavoe's potent vocal flair, and Colón's slick, trombone-heavy production. It was their first gold-selling record, and served to cement the duo's legacy as Latin music icons.


A1. Che Che Colé
A2. No Me Llores Màs
A3. Ausencia
A4. Te Conoczo

B1. Juana Peña
B2. Sonero Mayor
B3. Sangrigorda
B4. Tu No Puedes Conmigo

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