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Leave Home

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8th Records

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The Ramones' self-titled debut was released in 1976 to glowing praise and acclaim from music critics, and the development of the punk rock scene in the US and UK. The band were hailed as the next big step in the development of rock music, and correctly predicted their debut would be a massive influence for musical acts to follow. Those that were hooked by their debut wouldn't have long to wait for the band's follow-up, which came a mere nine months after The Ramones was released. Leave Home did not receive the massive critical acclaim that The Ramones' debut album had, but it still received rave reviews from the publications of the day. Immediate attention was paid to the album's production values, which was more crisp and polished than their previous works, and put them yards ahead of their fellow punk contemporaries in terms of sound quality. The band themselves were significantly more comfortable and together in Leave Home's sound, with vocalist Joey Ramone tackling heavier melodies, guitarist Johnny Ramone's guitar attack sharpening over the tracks, and the normally minimalist drummer Tommy Ramone adapting a slight swing to his beats. The songs themselves were no slouch either; among them were eventual fan favorites like "Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment", "Pinhead", and "Carbona Not Glue", which would later be removed from subsequent album releases due to a trademark complaint. Though the album doesn't maintain the same legendary status as the debut or their pinnacle Rocket To Russia, it's agreed that Leave Home is an essential part of The Ramones' discography, and not an album to be passed by


A1. Glad To See You Go
A2. Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment
A3. I Remember You
A4. Oh Oh I Love Her So
A5. Carbona Not Glue
A6. Suzy Is A Headbanger
A7. Pinhead

B1. Now I Wanna Be A Good Boy
B2. Swallow My Pride
B3. What's Your Game
B4. California Sun
B5. Commando
B6. You're Gonna Kill That Girl
B7. You Should Never Have Opened That Door

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