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Goa / Kiss Me

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Wrong Way Records

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WRONG WAY RECORDS are proud to present the latest addition to their enviable roster, The Goa Express. The young stylish fivepiece, from the North West of England, draw inspiration from The Velvet Underground, The Rolling Stones, Count Five and Jimi Hendrix – and with names like those as influences, their sound has to be big.

The Goa Express are James Douglas Clarke – guitar and vocals, Joey Stein – guitar, Bryn Davies – synth, Naham Muzaffar – bass, Sam Launder – drums.

Only a year into their journey, they have already established a sound which some could only ever dream of, garage punk with psych undertones the order of the day. Channelling riffs and material that would not be out of place on the esteemed Nuggets compilation, The Seeds in particular, they present hypnotic psychedelia, fuzzed up garage with just a touch of the blues. They are still new to the genre but if current form is anything to go for, there are interesting times ahead for these boys.

Already performing an accomplished live set, and already a permanent fixture in the vibrant psych scene of Manchester’s Northern Quarter, they have secured key support slots for Moon Duo, The Lucid Dream, Mystic Braves, Heaters, Stealing Sheep and The Vacant Lots as well as scheduled performances at Beat-Herder, Karma Fest and Blackthorn Music Festival.

‘GOA’ is an upbeat, fast paced track with fuzzy guitar riffs, catchy vocals and a clap accompaniment. The zoning synth and clever use of reverb join the percussion section which is relentless. Channelling the finest in garage rock and surf vibes, this track comes straight from the California coast.

AA-Side ‘Kiss Me’ makes use of a 60s inspired keys sound to drive the track, whilst a repeated guitar riff and dual vocals play melodically.

The Goa Express are ready to take aim and make their move with a refreshing sound which will only increase in enjoyability as they mature.

For fans of: Thee Hypnotics, The Black Angels, The Electric Prunes.


Laura says: Hand claps? Check. Fuzzy guitar riffs? Check. Plenty of reverb? Check. All the ingredients for a cracking surf tinged garage rocker that could as easily have come from the sunny '60s US West Coast as the grey North West of England. Great stuff!

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