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Volume 1: The Sound Of Mercury Rising. Compiled With Love By DJ Harvey

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As featured in the Piccadilly Records End Of Year Review 2017 Top 20 Compilations. Comes with an EXCLUSIVE End Of Year CD sampler. Click HERE for more info.

Ten years ago, when Harvey was in the midst of his self-imposed American exile, a online community of musical obsessives clogged up the bandwidth and hammered the message boards, all hoping for a report from Harvey's semi-regular Sarcastic Disco all-nighters. Manning the decks in a home away from home, Harvey took the wide-eyed crowd through the full spectrum of his extensive record collection, leaving all genre confines behind in search of audial epiphany. Taking the controls from 11-7 Harvey dropped disco, house, techno, electro, soft rock, holiday pop, hip hop, prog, kosmische and jazz, peppering every set with life changing moments. His recent return to the global tour circuit has seen the great man ride the Red Bull party train through all the major clubbing destinations, bringing a bag of peak time tonkers with him wherever he goes. It's all good and there's nothing but love, but these big room bangers will only do so much for the musically mad - we're left longing for a taste of those anything goes LA paries we wish we'd spent the airfare on.
Thankfully in 2015 Harv found his way to the White Isle, shacking up at the legendary Pikes hotel for a summerlong residency. Inspired by the beauty of the real Ibiza as well as the true Balearic spirit, Harvey takes the controls all night long, offering a European anologue to those legendary LA nights. Now appointed ‘Cultural Attaché’ for Pikes, the DJ's DJ is on a mission to bring his musical vision to the globe with a string of compilations, mix tapes, live recordings and original productions beginning with "The Sound Of Mercury Rising".


Patrick says: For those of us too skint/scared to make the pilgrimage to the White Isle, DJ Harvey brings the Pikes experience to the stereo, selecting a cracking tracklist of Balearic pop, gypsy disco, Mediterranean grooves and chugging house. Pairing a few long lost classics with the recent and decent, Harvey leaves his chin unstroked and puts the emphasis on enjoyment. Party on!

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