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Missing Peace

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The Moods are a ten-piece collective of producers, poets and musicians from Manchester and the North West. Combining drum & bass, reggae, hip-hop and EDM, The Moods’ mighty music sparks off a contagious need to dance. The band’s live act just got even more powerful with the welcoming of Alice, a classically-trained violinist, to the family; her stunning strings bring a whole new level to The Moods’ already awesome performance. The Moods make music with real grit and substance: they’re a band with plenty to say, singing and rapping with raw passion about the important stuff: war, famine, love, life and death. The Moods will make you dance, and then they’ll make you think.

Summer 2017 has been unforgettable for The Moods and their fans. The band have wowed crowds in iconic venues, in fields, even in a forest. What’s more, their first single, JOY, was met with critical acclaim, primetime regional radio airplay, tens of thousands of streams and stellar reviews. And the thought-provoking video to accompany the single, starring Steve Evets (Looking for Eric) has been entered for the BFI London Film Festival.


1. P.O.P (Profit Over People)
2. Inception
3. Keep Your Powder Dry
4. Bad Boy
5. Black Triangle
6. Gotta Get A Hold
7. Joy
8. Atmosphere
9. Hidden
10. Speaking Tongues
11. Together We Will Fight Them
12. Missing Peace

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