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EP For Animals Dancing

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Animals Dancing

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After a fashionably long hiatus between drinks, Melbourne’s Animals Dancing returns with its third release, this time from Boroondara’s Tornado Wallace. Strap yourself in and feel the G's as Tornado puts us in a real headspin. Maxing out in fully lysergic fashion, "Zorn Gottes" offers up about 5 simultaneous rhythm patterns, including but not limited to - hypnotic claves, military snares and tumbling toms. Bird song, cicades and raw percussive power should transform even the most beige crowd into a kaleidoscopic mess of primordial soup. Continuing the off kilter percussion theme, "Primotivo Aperitivo" serves up the same sensations over a bed of slow mo breakbeats, backwards effect and stop start delay. Add in a little rolling thunder, roaring Tiger and crouching synth wig and we're reading from the same blotter sheet as that BIG Bufiman on Dekmantel. Over in B-side land "Open Door" is a wonky, skewed and slewed tribal house cut - squeeling ring tones, Tarzan yodels, robotic gibbons and tripped out sound design, topped off with some tranced out tribal synth leads - it's a bit like Techno Grooves' "Mach One" on one of those trendy modern psychedelics. If you're approaching REM flicker faze, it's all good though, the chilling breakbeats, spheric bass and delicate piano of the "Born Inna Tent Mix" give us K&D Sessions in a Balinese spa. Nice one.


Patrick says: I'm not an expert on these matters (we can always check with Matt Ward), but Australia must have its fair share of psychoactive amphibians. This latest offering from Mr Wallace certainly implies as much, swirling round our fragile noggins with percussive, shamanic and well spangled sounds.


A1. Zorn Gottes
A2. Primitivo Aperitivo
B1. Open Door
B2. Open Door - Born Inna Tent Mix

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