Satyn's Children

Don't Go

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Fortune Teller

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Satyn's Children were four teenagers (around 14-15 years old) from Houston (TX) that met whilst studying at their local catholic school. Understandbly, their original name, Satan's Children, led to some raised eyebrows around school so they renamed themselves Satyn's Children to get gigs.

It was 1966 when C L Milburn, a 23 year old music enthusiastic working as a songwriter, producer and booking agent for local groups, recorded these songs with no more than a simple 2 track Sony recorder down in their parents garage, where they used to practice.

Unreleased until now, Fortune Teller Records brings these recordings back to life from a dusty tape to every garage head's favourite format.

Fortune Teller Records exclusive release of 333 copies


Don't Go
Turn Me Away 

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