Temporary Insanity

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Fortune Teller

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The Invaders (also known as Intruders) were a 3 piece band from Houston (TX) that lasted a single year. Regardless of their short lived life, they managed to record something so special it deserves to be heard again some fifty years later.

As usual, it was thanks to C L Milburn, that in 1966 that these songs were recorded but yet again, never got pressed.

Houston was a host to many early teenage garage groups, however they would have a better chance on the scene with original songs rather than covers, hence coming to CL for material.

Rehearsing after school they would eventually get gigs in clubs, Holiday Inns etc but would never make it onto the radio or television.

Fortune Teller Records exclusive release of 333 copies


Temporary Insanity
Never On Friday Club 

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