I Have What I Gave

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Piccadilly mainstay and Italian disco extraordinaire Bottin sees a full length album released via 2MR - Mike Simonetti's classy New York dance label. No concept this time round (see: "Horror Disco" & "Punica Fides"), just solid production and songwriting throughout. "L'Amore" sets the tone with its concentric arpeggios and propulsive beats, immediately signifying the mood for what is to follow - a trio of electro-disco hits washed in synth glaze and charged DC currents. Those familiar to the 'Bottin' sound will lap this opening side up with glee, especially the contextually titled, "Microdisco" - a subdued but epic slice of synthesizer euphoria, beautifully and elegantly constructed. On side B we see more tantalizing aspects of electro-disco explored with aplomb, "Stellar Parade" kicking off what is to an arresting side of music which takes on the charging rainbow road brilliance of "At Twenty-Three" and the dark electro-pop of "It’s Ok It’s Not Ok " before concluding naturally with the slow paced swell of "Varosha" and "Long Trail". Phenomenal collection of tracks by this electro-disco wizard. Highly recommended.


1 – L’Amore
2 – Y-A-M-L Feat. Lavinia Claws
3 – Microdisco
4 – Thunder Perfect Mind Feat. Chiara Fumai
5 – Roulez Jeunesse
6 – Stellar Parade
7 – At Twenty-Three
8 – It’s Ok It’s Not Ok
9 – Varosha
10 – Long Tail

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